Rita's haunted by her creepy ex-husband

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It’s an exciting day for Rita, who officially takes over from Tess as Holby ED’s new Clinical Nurse Manager. But excitement turns to fear when Rita’s paedophile husband Mark turns up wanting to talk!

As her shift starts, Rita believes clinical lead Connie is going to be her biggest challenge. But the arrival of a note from ex husband Mark, begging to meet up, leaves the nurse shaken to her core.

Mark, a former teacher, has been released from prison after serving time for having sex with a 13-year student. He’s desperate to get back with Rita and turns up at the hospital claiming he had a mutual relationship with his former pupil and isn’t a paedophile rapist. Promising it will never happen again Mark (Joel Beckett) swears he’s changed. Rita is conflicted between her loyalty and love and moving on with her life.

Meanwhile, Connie is distraught when her daughter Grace goes missing while under her care at the hospital. At first it’s believed angry ex-con Franny (guest star EastEnders' James Alexandrou) has something to do with Grace’s disappearance. But when CCTV footage shows Grace talking to a man in a baseball cap, Rita is forced to reveal it’s her convicted paedophile husband.

After a fraught search, Grace returns to the hospital unharmed having innocently gone off to get food. Rita realises, although Mark had nothing to do with Grace going missing, she will never be able to trust him again. Battle lines have also been drawn with Connie, who swears revenge on Rita.

Elsewhere, doctor Ethan ducks out of his duties to attend to Honey, who has hurt herself at the strip club where she has a secret second job. Back at the hospital both Honey and Ethan screw up the courage to tell each other how they feel. But before the lovelorn couple can kiss Honey’s father Noel interrupts them!

And Connie realises she’s not able to look after Grace properly and agrees to let her move to New York with her father.


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