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Robbo kills Novak!

Will Robbo be arrested for murder?

Robbo holds a gun to Novak's head and tells him he wants the truth. Novak tells Robbo that he knew him as Beckett Reid and dares Robbo to shoot him. The pair end up in a scuffle and a gunshot is fired. Robbo looks at Novak's dead body on the ground and realises he's just committed murder!

Meanwhile, Tori's preparing to work her final shift at the hospital, when Kat is rushed in, fearing she will lose the baby. Tori runs a series of tests and assures Kat that everything is fine. However, in the final test, Tori realises that Kat is further along in her pregnancy than she thinks... meaning Ash is the father of her baby!

Also, Ziggy is far from happy that Diana has decided to stick around. So Ziggy convinces Coco to help her come up with a plan to stop Diana moving to the Bay. Will the sisters be able to pull it off?