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Sam and Rachel cop an eyeful!

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

*Second episode*

Rachel and Sam are gobsmacked as Jai and Leyla’s kiss and plans for a future are revealed in front of their very eyes thanks to the camera Jai planted in Archie’s teddy! Though Sam wants Rachel to bide her time before she uses the incriminating evidence against Jai, when Jai’s deluded wife Megan brags about the life she and Jai could offer Archie, will riled Rachel reveal all?

Knowing about Ross’s affair with Debbie, Finn is in a state. And his anxiety doesn’t go unnoticed by ignorant Pete, who urges his brother to share what’s on his mind. Will Finn expose the betrayal?

Chas wants to know what is going on between Cain and Aaron, and isn’t impressed when she hears her brother has been blackmailing her son’s secret lover. Worried Cain’s actions will end up pushing the guys back together again, Chas demands he cuts it out.

Wanting to know who has slipped her a load of cash, pregnant Vanessa confronts Kirin, who denies it point blank. Will she suss Rakesh?