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Seven Worlds, One Planet - BBC1

European hamster on hind legs

In this week's Seven Worlds, One Planet, David Attenborough and the crew arrive in Europe and show us this crowded continent in an entirely new light

Seven Worlds, One Planet has shown us some extraordinary animals living in the most remote corners of our planet (Sunday, 6.15pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

But as the latest collaboration between David Attenborough and BBC Studios continues, how will crowded Europe, the continent most changed by its human population of 850 million, match up?

A brown bear in Finland

A brown bear in Finland

The expert film crews of course find pockets of wilderness where some spectacular animals live, including a brown bear mum with her two cubs in Finland and the majestic musk ox living high up in Norway.

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It also captures some animals living in and around their human neighbours, a pack of grey wolves in Italy and a beautiful and thriving population of Iberian lynx in Spain.

Also look out for the plucky European hamster in Vienna, who is the surprising star of this episode. These creatures may be small but when it comes to protecting their lunch they are ferocious little fighters.

TV Times rating: *****