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David Attenborough in red parka
(Image credit: BBC Studios/Alex Board)

Sir David Attenborough's latest adventure takes a look at life on our planet, one continent at a time

Seven Worlds, One Planet is the latest landmark documentary series from BBC Studios and Sir David Attenborough.

It looks at the planet’s wildlife by continent, starting with Antarctica (Sunday, 6.15, see our TV Guide for full details).

A king penguin chick

A king penguin chick waits for its parents to return with food

The remarkable sequences include drone footage of killer whales hunting a penguin, extreme close-up shots of an albatross chick blown out of its nest by extreme weather, a large “aggregation” of whales, and huge elephant seals fighting over territory in mating season.

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Unsurprisingly, the series comes with a warning about how human activity is impacting on nature. But there are hopeful messages too, as seen in this week’s haunting images of a disused whaling station.

TV Times rating: *****


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