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Our Shirley Valentine Summer

With their time in Greece almost up, Annabel Giles goes on her first date in years, Aggie MacKenzie faces her fears and Melinda Messenger makes a big decision

Unlike Pauline Collins in the original 1989 Shirley Valentine movie, who decided not to go home after her holiday ended, it’s time for our celebrities to say goodbye to the island of Naxos.

But has the experience been as life-changing for the eight single women as it was for the cinematic Shirley Valentine?

It would seem so – Annabel Giles braves her first date in years, Aggie MacKenzie faces her greatest fear and Melinda Messenger makes a huge decision about her future.

To bid farewell to the locals, the group hosts a traditional afternoon tea, and also entertain the crowd with their attempt at a classic Greek dance.

TV Times rating: ****

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