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Speed with Guy Martin – C4

Speed with Guy Martin C4
(Image credit: Ryan Mcnamara)

Guy takes part in his first-ever Formula 1 race as he goes head to head with 2009 world champion Jenson Button around Silverstone Grand Prix circuit

As a superbike champion, Guy Martin is used to racing on two wheels, but this latest entertaining one-off sees him swap two wheels for four.

The down-to-earth mechanical whiz spends six months restoring a classic 1983 Williams F1 car, the FW08c.

This was the first F1 car iconic racing driver Ayrton Senna ever drove and it went on to win the 1983 Monaco Grand Prix.

Guy’s mission is to rebuild the car, learn how to drive it and then race 2009 F1 world champion Jenson Button around Silverstone.

Speed with Guy Martin C4

Guy Martin takes on former F1 champion Jenson Button at Silverstone

And just to even things up a bit, Jenson is also driving a 1980s racing car – an experimental Williams prototype sporting not four but six wheels…

TV Times rating: ****