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Beavers Spy in the Wild
(Image credit: BBC/John Downer Productions/Christian Kutschenreiter)

Spy cameras bring us more fascinating undercover footage of animal behaviour in Japan, Alaska, Mexico and Germany in BBC1’s Spy in the Wild

The animatronic creatures yielding further incredible spycam footage in this week’s Spy in the Wild on BBC1 include a spy sea otter in Alaska and a spy blue-throated hummingbird in northwest Mexico, which captures jawdropping film of half a billion monarch butterflies emerging from hibernation. 

There’s also a spy beaver in southern Germany, which allows us to get up close to cute beaver kits (pictured top).

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Best of all is the spycam installed in some volcanic springs where Japanese macaques socialise in a kind of monkey spa.

Macaques in Japan Spy in the Wild

Japanese macaques chill at the spa in BBC1’s Spy in the Wild

This is a delightful series and its watershed slot seems a bit odd – although it’s true that narrator David Tennant sounds considerably more sinister once you’ve seen him in C4 drama Deadwater Fell.

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TV Times rating: ****