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Terese drops a bombshell

When Brad discovers Terese is in serious trouble, he quickly rushes her to the hospital where they are told she has sepsis. He's struck by Terese’s sickly state, and promises to take care of her. Paige, accompanied by Lauren, visits Terese and apologises for her behaviour. But then Terese drops the bombshell – until she is better, Brad's promised to be her primary carer. 

Although Steph reassures Belinda she's still taking her meds, the minute Belinda has an opportunity, she searches Steph's bag to check for herself. When Steph sees what she's doing, she tells Belinda in no uncertain terms to leave.

Amy and Kyle endure an awkward breakfast when Kyle emerges with his Ziva 'friend', Shay. Sheila discovers Shay's her new boss, helping Terese while she's in hospital. Amy channels her jealousy at the sight of Kyle and Shay into a game of pool with Tyler. But when she wakes up the next morning in Tyler's bed, she wonders how far she went in trying to get over Kyle...