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The Dirty War on the NHS – ITV

John Pilger The Dirty War on the NHS

Veteran documentary-maker John Pilger looks at the idea of selling off the National Health Service in ITV’s The Dirty War on the NHS

Renowned documentary-maker John Pilger (pictured above) turns his attention to the NHS in this, his 61st film, looking at the idea to sell off the NHS in favour of an insurance-based health service like that in the US.

Filmed in both countries, it looks back at the history of the world’s first people's health service, and how the US’s system has meant millions of people have to go without vital medical treatment.

It’s a timely reminder of just how valuable the ‘last bastion of true public service’, as John describes the NHS, really is.

This will be shown at different times in Scotland. For full listings see our TV Guide.

TV Times rating: ****