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The Durrells
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As The Durrells concludes, and with war on the horizon, Louisa plans to leave Corfu behind

As The Durrells concludes, and with war on the horizon, Louisa plans to leave Corfu behind

Oh, the agony of Spiros and Louisa’s love story.

Tonight, the final-ever episode of The Durrells is tinged with deep sadness as war looms, and it slowly dawns on Louisa that she needs to move the family back home to England before it’s too late.

Amid the drama, she and Spiros are determined to find a moment together.

Is there any hope for them, or will their romance always be just a forlorn dream?

Meanwhile, it’s not just Louisa with big decisions to make: what will Gerry do with his animals when they leave the island?

It all adds up to a hugely emotional end to a very special series – let’s hope Keeley Hawes’ wish for a spin-off does come true.

The Durrells

Gerrie enjoys a swim before leaving Corfu

Here's what Keeley told TV Times about the show and of new developments in the future:

"The whole period of time filming this show has been like being in a little glowy bubble.

"I have clear memories of arriving in Corfu. It’s been a privilege watching the cast grow up. I couldn’t love them more.

"Is it the end? Well, it’s not like the Durrells [in real life] left Corfu and were really boring; they all went on to have interesting lives. I know we’d all be up for a spin-off..."

TV Times rating: *****