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The Durrells shows Leslie and Daphne

As The Durrells continues, Leslie organises a hunting trip for a guest while looking after Daphne's baby

When The Durrells' Leslie offers to help, you know trouble will follow…

Now that both Larry and Margo have moved out, Louisa (Keeley Hawes) is really starting to feel the pangs of empty-nest syndrome.

Leslie (Callum Woodhouse, pictured above with Elli Tringou) declares that he’s going to step up to be his mother’s confidant (poor Louisa!) but he may actually have bigger fish to fry, now that a visiting colonel has slammed his guns on the table and paid Leslie to organise a wild-boar hunt.

Animal-loving Gerry is understandably angry about this turn of events and it looks like the two brothers could be about to come to blows.

The Durrells

Miles Jupp as Basil with Gerry, played by Milo Parker

This isn’t helping Louisa at all! Spiros, meanwhile, is jealous and starting to suspect that both Basil (Miles Jupp) and the new lodger have feelings for Louisa, and Margo finds a place to stay with an old family friend.

TV Times rating: *****