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The Halcyon

Things are looking very bad indeed for Toby as the drama The Halcyon continues

Things are looking very bad indeed for Toby as The Halcyon continues...

Poor Toby! Just when it looked like the secretly gay brainbox had found some happiness, his new romance, his job and perhaps even his life all appear to be under threat as Special Branch arrive at the hotel with a warrant to search his room.

We finally get more of a sense of exactly what dodgy Lucian is up to as he starts to show his true colours – and let's just say that actor Charles Edwards has put Downton Abbey's lovely Michael Gregson far behind him!

Meanwhile, as Peggy struggles to cope with Billy’s death, Sonny lands himself in serious trouble when he retaliates after he is racially abused, and, as Freddie tries to help his desperate twin Toby, can he win back Emma or has she moved on?