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The Willis family arrive in Erinsborough

Having found Patrick's pram empty, Matt quickly ascertains that Steph is responsible for the kidnapping, after he meets new family, the Willis's. Later, Toadie informs him that Steph is off her meds. Matt heads to the police station while Toadie organises a search of their own. Meanwhile, new family the Willis's throw themselves into the community spirit, joining the search.

Exploring the streets of Erinsborough, they reveal things about themselves - sometimes deliberately, sometimes inadvertently. By the end of the day, Imogen has offended Kate, Joshua has put Mason off-side and Brad has revealed to Terese that new neighbour, Lauren Turner, is in fact an old flame... a fact that Lauren pointedly avoids sharing with Matt. It's clear that the arrival of the Willis's is going to lead to interesting times.

Lucas finally receives the much longed-for call from Steph, only to realise that she is far more unstable than anyone knew.

Having seen a flash of a man she thought was her dead ex-boyfriend, Mark Brennan, Kate is haunted by her past. So much so that she almost misses the chance to declare her love for Mason. But after telling him she loves him too, Kate then sets about putting old ghosts to rest.