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Shock accident! Has Tina Carter killed Janet Mitchell?

EastEnders - Tina Carter Shirley Carter
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Tina gives a statement to the police about the attempted robbery but while Janet is being taken away in an ambulance, will Tina realise what she's done?

Tina is shaken after her ordeal and wracked with guilt that she might have run over Dave the cat. After rushing to check on Dave, Tina is relieved to find he’s safe and well. Meanwhile, Shirley calls the police on Tina’s behalf and she talks to them about the robbery.

Jack, however, is still on the hunt for the kids, who went missing from the Halloween party. Jack breaks the news to a horrified Honey that Janet is missing and the other residents get together to help search for the children. Riley is found, but Amy and Janet are still missing. Honey is horrified when finally she discovers Janet being taken away in an ambulance…

Bex comforts Louise, who admits that Travis is over protective and she’s finding it suffocating. Bex makes a pact to move on from her crush on Gethin, while Louise decides to end things with Travis. Still concerned about her scars, Louise asks Bex what they look like. Can Bex reassure her friend?

Also, Abi drops a bombshell on Lauren – she’s having Steven’s baby!