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Valerie gets a visit from Ashley

(Image credit: BBC)

The staff react to Valerie wearing a headscarf. At first, Daniel and Karen think she has shaved her head in preparation for chemo but Valerie insists she is just trying the new look out. Later, Ashley is shocked to see Valerie wearing a scarf and assumes it's her new style – people often go for a new look when a relationship ends. Valerie blurts out she has cancer but Ashley is unable to offer any comfort and makes a quick exit.

Niamh expresses her disappointment in Al that he couldn't be honest with Mo. Over at the Icon, Karen tentatively wonders when Mo might return to Yorkshire but is told there's no rush - things are going really well with Al. Karen heads back to work where she warns Al to end it with Mo before Christmas if he really doesn't want to be with her.

Also, Ayesha discovers a student is using incriminating photos to blackmail his lecturer and she sets out to destroy the evidence.