Waterloo Road's gang problem grows

Waterloo Road's gang problem grows
Waterloo Road's gang problem grows (Image credit: BBC/Shed Productions)

The gang problem at Waterloo Road escalates when Tariq sees that the DSC are moving in on his gang's territory. At school, both Finn and Tariq come to blows in the school yard, and although the teachers manage to break it up, Michael Byrne feels as though it's a problem that's growing by the day. Meanwhile, director of education Alan Dixon turns up at the school to say that a review of the school is being undertaken. Michael can't understand why, seeing as they are improving on their figures. The pupils are having an art exam, and great things are expected of star student Shelby. However, it transpires that she's been struggling with alcohol, and even when she's in the exam, she's finding it difficult to stay focussed. All she wants is another drink. By the time the exam is up, her effort is poor, but she has to turn it in. She might well have ended her future dream of going to art college… After Madi and Shelby get drunk at the pub, Jez flips out. He says he's resigning from his job, and takes Zack from the school. He says that he wants to start a new life afresh with Zack and Madi, but they don't want to leave Waterloo Road… Then, someone from Michael's past comes back and has a life changing offer...

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