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Wedding bells for Lauren and Peter?

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Peter finishes the Walford half-marathon with a good time, heading to the Vic to celebrate with Ian, Jane and Lauren. The day gets even better for Peter when Lauren asks him to marry her. Peter happily accepts. Meanwhile, Sonia encourages Jane to buy herself a more glamorous wedding outfit.


Dean has turned down Shirley’s suggestion that he get out of Walford, stubbornly carrying on at the salon. When Denise quits her cleaning job at The Vic, he is touched by her loyalty. A visit from the police leaves Mick and Linda frustrated when they learn it will take six weeks before they know if Dean will be charged. Mick takes matters into his own hands, storming over to Blades to confront Dean…


Tina and Mick come to blows over Stan’s request to help him die, with Mick insisting to Tina that there are other ways to help him. After Stan’s radiotherapy appointment, Stan’s plans come to light. Mick calls a family vote on the matter, leaving Tina with a dilemma over whether to help her dad or not.


Also, Shabnam shocks Kush when she beats him to the finishing line!