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Ed Balls in a warehouse
(Image credit: BBC/Darlow Smithson Productions)

What Britain Buys & Sells in a Day takes a snapshot of the country's imports and exports. It's an awful lot of stuff

What Britain Buys & Sells in a Day is a new three part series that reveals the details of our import and export industry at a time of obvious uncertainty and change.

This first episode is about fruit and vegetables and how we use the latest technology and science to cater to the ever-changing needs of the British consumer.

Former politician and Strictly star Ed Balls is at the huge port of London Gateway as tonnes of fresh produce arrive from all over the world.

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Ade Adepitan travels the globe to look at some of our biggest imports – including how the avocado revolution has changed lives in Peru.

Cherry Healey with a bottle

Cheers! Cherry Healey with a bottle of English sparkling wine

With her feet firmly on the ground in the UK, Cherry Healey is finding out how some of our greatest exports – like apples, potatoes and sparkling wine – are made and why the Irish want our spuds and the Middle East our big juicy apples.

TV Times rating: ***