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What is Matteo's secret?

Holby Jac Matteo

It seems handsome Matteo hasn’t been entirely honest with Jac in Holby City…

Jac Naylor’s relationship with her handsome Italian colleague Matteo Rossini has been going from strength to strength – but she makes a surprise discovery this week that throws a spanner in the works.

Keen petrolhead Jac is thrilled when Matteo invites her on a motorbike adventure tour. She grows suspicious, though, when Matteo suddenly has to bail on the biking trip, saying he must return to Berlin to sort out some personal problems, then he receives a number of secret phone calls!

Convinced he’s hiding something, Jac looks through a box of Matteo's belongings and sees red when she finds an old photo of him with another woman. Has Matteo got some explaining to do?

Recovering from his fall, Dominic's due to give evidence to the police against Isaac, but he's struggling with the idea of having to condemn the man he still loves. Will Dom do the right thing and be brave enough to tell the truth?

After being left Artem's money, Fletch is gearing up to enjoy a holiday with his children. But with Artem's daughter Sydney still threatening legal action, Fletch is forced to consider whether he did wrongfully gain his newfound wealth.