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What’s Nina Karnik hiding in Holby City?

Holby City Nina Karnik
(Image credit: BBC)

Secrets are revealed which threaten to blow Nina and Matteo apart…

Secrets from Nina Karnik's past come back to haunt her, this week, when she’s recognised by a patient. Life has been full of heartache for the medical director and her surgeon husband Matteo Rossini ever since their son, Nico, went missing in 2007 when he was five years old and has never been found.

So Nina’s left distraught when patient, pub landlady Maxine Chapman, claims she recognises her from the newspaper reports circulating around the time Nico vanished. As Maxine starts asking questions, Nina snaps that her personal life is none of her business. That’s when Maxine suggests Nina doesn’t like talking about Nico’s disappearance because she’s got something to hide!

Later, Matteo grows concerned when Nina loses focus in theatre, and Ric’s forced to step in. As Matteo goes to comfort her afterwards, Nina reveals a long-held secret she’s been keeping since Nico went missing and Matteo’s left devastated. Will Nina and Matteo ever be able to move on from the past?

Meanwhile, it’s Ollie’s first day back at work after his split with Zosia, and reminders of his recent heartbreak are everywhere. With the past all around him, can he rebuild his future at Holby?

Also, Fredrik tests Hanssen’s patience when he oversteps the line on the ward. Can he separate the personal from the professional?