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Michelle makes a mysterious visit to the doctors. What's wrong with her?

EastEnders Michelle

Michelle heads to the doctor with a request...

* Second episode *

Michelle pays the doctors a visit, but what is she there for? When she returns home, she’s greeted by a happy Martin, who reveals that the psychiatrist has supported Stacey’s decision to have another baby. However, Michelle is not in the mood to celebrate with the Fowlers. Is she about to do something she'll later regret?

Lauren is so suspicious of Max’s claims about where he works, that she decides to go to the building and check it out. Will she find out the truth about her dad?

Meanwhile, it’s St Patrick’s Day and Mick and the Carters prepare for a special night at The Vic but will it all go to plan?

Also, Kathy pushes Tina to get Sylvie a place in a care home after a worrying incident and Denise is jittery when she gets a message from her bosses, summoning her to the Minute Mart head office. Uh oh!