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Whitney confronts a drunk Lauren about her heavy boozing!

EastEnders - Woody Whitney Lauren
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Whitney is seriously concerned about Lauren’s drinking and tries to bring her to her senses, meanwhile Stacey gets some worrying news about Arthur

Lauren is plagued with guilt about not loving Steven. Struggling to keep her emotions in check, Lauren turns to the bottle. Whitney is seriously worried for Lauren, knowing that drinking could prove fatal. She encourages Lauren to get a grip on herself and think about Louie.

Kathy returns to the Square and is stunned when Kim breaks the news about what’s happened while she’s been away. Kathy is in shock, asking Ian why he didn’t call her and tell her what had happened. Distracted by the news that Steven’s body has been released, Ian is blank.

Keegan is frustrated when Karen insists that she can’t afford to buy him new shoes and he decides to look for a job. Meanwhile, Stacey gets some worrying news about Arthur, Bex tells Louise about what happened with Gethin, and Linda gets a reminder about her oncology appointment.