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Whitney gets a shock visit from Tiffany Butcher!

EastEnders - Whitney Tiffany Bex
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Whitney is thinking about leaving the Square but Tiffany Butcher turns up out of the blue and Whitney is left wondering what she wants.

Whitney’s downhearted when Shirley’s left in charge of the Vic, telling Whitney that she doesn’t need her working there anymore. Sharing her upset with Bex, Whitney has food for thought when Bex encourages her to move on from bartending and get her T-Shirt business up and running again.

After doing some research, Whitney tells Bex there might be a new opportunity for her in Yorkshire. Just as she’s considering leaving the Square for a new life however, she has an unannounced visit from Tiffany. What is Tiff doing in the Square?

Masood bluffs that he’s loaded and tells Jack he’ll rent one of his flats and give him the deposit in cash up front. When Jack agrees, Masood visits Mariam and Arshad to ask for their rent money then tries to sneakily keep Carmel’s deposit money! Mariam invites Masood’s neighbours over to the house for a soiree but Masood manages to sneak away. What secret is he hiding?

Also, Karen has an interview for the reopened launderette.