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Olivia Colman - WDYTYA?
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Olivia Colman finds some surprises in her family tree and her belief that most of her ancestors hail from Norfolk turns out to be far from the truth

Olivia Colman, 44, has won countless awards for her tear-jerking acting performances – and we promise she will have you blubbing along with her once more on this incredible journey into her family’s past with her heart worn openly on her sleeve.

Olivia Colman - WDYTYA?

Olivia as a child in 1980 with her family

After uncovering a surprising divorce scandal, courtesy of her four-times great-grandfather, Olivia pays her first-ever visit to India, where she is both stunned and profoundly moved to learn that her three-times great-grandmother, Harriot Slessor, was half-Indian and had a deeply tragic start to life.

Back in the UK, Olivia is thrilled to be able to solve a mystery involving a rumour that she had a French ancestor!

'I grew up in Norfolk and knew the Colmans were always there forever so I feel like that is my place, it’s in my bones and blood', explains Olivia.

'But I didn’t really know where my mum’s family came from so there were lots of questions,' she says of taking part in the series.

'I’m interested in the people that have gone before because there’s fragility to life. When you go, will you be forgotten? I didn’t know what happened in my family, but I wanted to remember their loves and losses.'

Please note this programme airs in Wales at 10.40pm.

TV Times rating: *****

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