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Will Daniel survive?

(Image credit: BBC)

Will the gang have another murder on their hands?

Zara runs out of the house after realising that Daniel has been stabbed. As Daniel lays bleeding on the pavement, Zara does her best to keep him alive, while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. As a frightened Joe watches from the house, while Daniel is lifted into the ambulance. Zara rushes in to comfort her son and the pair make their way to the hospital. Emma meets Zara at the hospital to give her some moral support, but Zara does nothing but blame herself. Will Zara ever get over her guilt and will Daniel live?

Finally, Heston attends Rob's therapy session with him. Rob refuses to speak in the group, so Heston shares that he has been suffering from anxiety since keeping Shak's financial affairs from Ruhma. Will Heston's admission help Rob to be able to speak about his problems?