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Will Kush and Shabnam marry?

Kush is distracted on the day of his wedding when Shabnam reveals that Martin isn’t the father of Stacey’s baby. Heading over to see Stacey, Kush demands to know the truth, leaving him stunned when Stacey claims that he’s the daddy! Brooding over the shock news, Kush decides he can’t keep it from Shabnam, much to Stacey’s horror, who begs him not to say anything.

Meanwhile, Fiona the social worker turns up to see Shabnam and Kush with the news that there’s a date for the hearing about Jade. As the wedding preparations continue, Masood returns home and he’s brought Kamil with him.

The wedding begins, but tormented by Stacey’s news, Kush calls a halt to the celebrations. About to drop the bombshell, Kush is stopped in his tracks by Shabnam, who interrupts with an emotional speech. The couple marry and head off on honeymoon, with Kush hiding his shocking secret.

Also, Nancy is overwhelmed by the various traditions involved in a Muslim wedding.