Will Raf's shock news affect Harry's op?

It doesn't seem that long ago that registrar Raf di Lucca and doctor Harry Tressler had become enemies, after Harry slept with Raf’s wife Amy. Yet, following Harry's horrific fall recently, Raf promised he’d perform major reconstructive surgery on his face. But Raf’s plans are derailed when his brother Giuseppe turns up at Holby with the tragic news their mother has died. Raf stuns Giuseppe, though, when he says he won’t return home to their family until he's operated on Harry.

Meanwhile, Harry's lover Mary-Claire tells Giuseppe how badly he needs Raf's help. But as she reveals Harry and Raf have moved on since Harry slept with Amy, it's clear Giuseppe knows nothing about the affair and confronts Harry. Hearing about Raf's loss, Harry’s scared his mind won’t be on the job and tries to call off the op himself! Luckily, Raf manages to talk Harry round and the surgery is back on. Can Raf put his emotions aside and prove he's a super surgeon?

Meanwhile, Mo's trying not to dwell on the photo she found recently, which gave her a clue about her real father's identity. But she's faced with the possible loss of the last link to her past when Ina, the woman who brought her up, falls unwell. But with the pair not really on speaking terms, will Ina take secrets about Mo's past to her grave?

Also, Arthur tries to sell Serena on the idea of him specialising in emergency medicine down on AAU. But he finds his test case too engrossing to just concentrate on the medicine...

Victoria Wilson
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