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Will Sacha uncover Rachel's secret?

After discovering Rachel is pregnant, Sacha knows he needs to be there for his vulnerable daughter. When Rachel rejects any of Sacha's efforts to help, he invites her teacher, Mr Kerrigan, into Holby and gently breaks the news that Rachel is pregnant.

Kerrigan kindly comforts Rachel but when Sacha is pulled away to help with Leila, a patient who collapsed at a trial, he reveals a different kind of support. Kerrigan tells Rachel he loves her and the pair kiss, with an oblivious Sacha none the wiser on the other side of the curtain…

Later, when Kerrigan tells Sacha that Lloyd is not the baby's father, Rachel spins a tale to Sacha about a liaison with an unknown boy at a party. Will Sacha find out who the father of Rachel's baby is?

Meanwhile, Mo's still trying to keep her distance from Adele, after finding out at the family wedding that they are not in fact sisters. Thinking Mo's been avoiding her, because she has feelings for Jesse, Adele resolves to confront the issue. But as Adele insists on comforting Mo over her love life, will Mo tell Adele the truth?

Also, Mary-Claire's cross with herself for staying the entire night at Harry's, wanting to keep their relationship a 'no strings' fling. But as the pair bond, both personally and professionally, throughout the day, Mary-Claire admits to Fletch that it may be too late to stop how she’s feeling for Harry…