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Zoe's heartbreak!

(Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

After months of blowing hot and cold with her lovelorn ex, Max, Zoe realises she finally needs to be honest about her feelings for the handsome young hospital porter this week. While treating an elderly patient, consultant Zoe comes to realise life is short and she needs to grab it with both hands. So, over the course of her hospital shift, the indecisive doctor resolves to seek out Max and tell him how she really feels!

But Zoe soon regrets her decision to put her feelings for her handsome young ex on the line! Unknown to her, Max has decided to put Zoe behind him once and for all. Having pursued the reluctant doctor for months, Max has finally accepted that they're well and truly over and his new year's resolution is to get back on the dating scene and have some fun!

So when a nervous Zoe finally seeks Max out to tell him how she really feels, her romantic gesture backfires when she finds Max in a passionate clinch with a nurse!

Humiliated and heartbroken, Zoe walks away. When Max approaches her later to talk, she tells him to keep walking…

Meanwhile, Connie pulls out all the stops to impress her daughter Grace's social worker. However, all her hard work comes to nothing when, after being cleared by social services, Grace decides she wants to live with her grandmother Audrey instead of her workaholic mum.

Elsewhere, when Tess reveals she's resigned, Lofty encourages Rita to apply for Tess's old job! And Honey and Noel struggle to find common ground – until Honey comes up with an idea and buys them tickets to a comedy gig.