Best TV shows for two-year-olds to watch right now

Best TV shows for two-year-olds - Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig is just one of many shows that are sure to keep your toddlers entertained! (Image credit: Channel 5)

Here's our list of the best TV shows for two-year-olds to watch right now.

Sometimes, toddles just need some downtime, and what's better than snuggling up in front of their favorite show?

We've picked out the cutest, most colourful and exciting shows for two-year-olds to enjoy, whether that's going on a singing adventure with the Little Einsteins, helping Doc McStuffins to heal a sick toy or jumping in muddy puddles with a certain famous, oversized pig.

If you're looking for a new show to watch with your family, here's our guide to the best TV shows for two-year-olds...

'The Magic School Bus Rides Again'

Best TV shows for two-year-olds - Magic School Bus Rides Again

(Image credit: Netflix)

The original Magic School Bus is no longer available to watch but this follow-on series will definitely fill the gap it's left behind.

Based on the best-selling childrens' books by Joanna Cole, this sequel series sees us reuniting with the wonderful Ms. Valerie Frizzle as she hands over the keys to the high-tech magical school bus to her younger sister, Miss Fiona Frizzle. 

Fiona picks up right where sister left off and leads the children on even more wild and unforgettable adventures. 

Why watch?: It's fun, quirky, and every kid should have a Ms. Frizzle in their life!

Where to watch: Netflix

Number of series: 2

Number of episodes: 13

Average episode length: 25 minutes

'Little Einsteins'

Educational and fun, Little Einsteins is a definite win for parents worried about what their children are watching. 

The series follows four friends—Annie, Leo, Quincy, and June—as they fly around the world completing missions in their ever-changing rocket ship. 

There's plenty of singing, dancing, and interaction along the way, so toddlers will feel engrossed in every single adventure, and their missions are set against real backdrops such as the Great Wall of China.

Why watch?: Every mission includes a song and a look at a classic painting so your child might even learn a thing or two along the way!  

Where to watch: Disney+

Number of series: 2

Number of episodes: 69

Average episode length: 24 minutes

'Peppa Pig'

Best TV Shows for two-year-olds - Peppa Pig

(Image credit: Channel 5)

We couldn't compile a list of the best TV shows for two-year-olds without including the phenomenon that is Peppa Pig. 

In the show, Peppa, her brother George and parents Mummy and Daddy Pig prove there's fun and adventure to be had anywhere and everywhere if you just look hard enough.

Peppa Pig is colorful, funny, and easy to follow, and Peppa is regularly joined by a host of adorable friends and family members. You'll all be jumping in muddy puddles in no time!

Why watch?: Kids are mesmerized by Peppa and love her cheeky sense of fun. 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Netflix, Channel 5

Number of series: 7

Number of episodes: 329

Average episode length: 9 minutes

'Doc McStuffins'

This super cute series follows six-year-old Dottie "Doc" McStuffins who has the magical ability to be able to talk to toys and stuffed animals. 

Doc runs a clinic for the toys from her playhouse; whenever she puts on her stethoscope, her dolls and teddies come to life. Then, with the help of her stuffed animal friends, Doc is able to heal their aches and breaks.

Why watch?: It teaches children to care about others and help people (or stuffed toys) whenever they can!

Where to watch: Disney+

Number of series: 5

Number of episodes: 136

Average episode length: 25 minutes

'Ask the Storybots'

Best TV shows for two-year-olds - Ask the Storybots

(Image credit: Netflix)

What toddler doesn't like to ask questions? Luckily, Ask the Storybots has them covered.

This show sees five inquisitive creatures who live in the world beneath our screens going on missions to track down the answer to the all-important questions that baffle so many kids like: Why does night happen? Why do people look so different? Why do we need to brush our teeth? 

If nothing else, Ask the Storybots might save you from some embarrassing moments in the supermarket! 

Why watch?: Aside from being educational, Ask the Storybots is funny and entertaining enough to retain a two-year-old's attention.

Where to watch: Netflix 

Number of series: 3

Number of episodes: 22

Average episode length: 24

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