Clarkson's Farm season 3 episode 8 recap: The grand whiteboard finale

The team behind Clarkson's Farm season 3
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Clarkson's Farm season 3 episode 8 concludes this visit to Diddly Squat, and harvest time has arrived. This means that Jeremy and Kaleb finally figure out which has won: the new projects or the arable farming.

Elsewhere, they have a much better result with the pregnant sows, and morale seems to be pretty good around the animals this time. It also turns out Jeremy isn't the only one with new schemes, as Lisa also has a new idea she wants to come to fruition. Meanwhile, Charlie has to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to certain crops.

Here's what went down in the season finale of Clarkson's Farm...

Harvesting time

The episode starts with them moisture testing fields across the farm. Meanwhile, Andy has some concerns about his wheat field and comes to visit Jeremy. He worries that they haven't got the balance quite right and it might affect the crops.

Kaleb gets to work harvesting the oats he'd planted in the same field where the oil seed rape had failed, so he was hoping to have much more luck this time around. But Jeremy ends up sabotaging things and spills some of the oats all over the field when trying to load them, and Kaleb gets angry at his tractor driving skills.

One field of oil seed rape didn't fail, and one did, so they were waiting to see what the yield was once it had all been harvested. Then, there's some dilemmas about when to harvest because Charlie said not to do it if it was over 9. The meter says it's at 10, so Kaleb and Jeremy argue about whether or not harvesting is the right decision. With Charlie on holiday, he's not able to step in, and Kaleb decides they should do it.

But when Jeremy checks in, Kaleb reveals it had gone "shockingly bad". Jeremy looks at the yield and is disappointed how little it is, and the weather had once again affected the overall quality of crops. Kaleb explains the crop has become so brittle as a result of unstable weather conditions, and is visibly stressed by the outcome.

While Jeremy is away in London visiting his new granddaughter, Kaleb stays at Diddly Squat and looks after the pregnant sows. Soon, new piglets are born, and Jeremy and Lisa come back to be greeted with so many of them! He reveals they now have 53 pigs, and it's a much better system thanks to the new pig housing.

Charlie returns to the farm and immediately wants a catch up on the crops, which Kaleb fills him in on. Elsewhere, Lisa has taken over a field which she has planted potatoes in because she wants another go at making crisps, due to the fact they're an incredibly popular food product. 

After harvesting mustard, albeit not as much as he'd wanted, Jeremy gets to work turning the seeds into mustard that they can sell in the shop. Once again, Jeremy and Lisa argue over how much to charge for each jar, and Jeremy insists they should be £6 a jar.

But Charlie has some bad news. He reveals that the barley won't germinate, and is dead, meaning it can't be used for malting. This will obviously affect beer production. This means they've lost £14,000 on the barley and on top of this, £34,000 on pasta wheat they can't do anything with either. But Charlie says they can use the wheat elsewhere and they should be able to bounce back.

Meanwhile, Jeremy reveals they've brought back beloved cow Pepper, who now has a calf. This is huge news for Lisa, who was always fond of Pepper. Despite all the bad news, they are delighted to have Pepper and her calf at Diddly Squat.

A week later, all the results from the harvest come in, which leads us to what Jeremy describes as "the grand whiteboard finale". With his "farming the unfarmed" idea, he has made £27,614 in profit. Kaleb is impressed by the cows in particular, with much of the profit coming from the burger van.

As for Kaleb, his profits were larger at £44,987, which he was obviously delighted about! Not too bad for his first year as farm manager. But Charlie reveals he'll need all of that profit to fund the next cycle, which bursts their bubble a bit. 

The team concludes the episode with a picnic down in the woods where Jeremy is disappointed that the dam isn't quite finished yet, and Lisa makes fun of it calling it "a mess". They reflect on how farming is a way of life and despite the disappointments, they have a lot to celebrate.

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