Meet Emma Hernan, Selling Sunset's new cast member

Emma Hernan
Emma Hernan will be joining the team for season 4 of 'Selling Sunset'. (Image credit: Netflix)

The hit Netflix series Selling Sunset is back with season 4 and it seems that there’s not just one newcomer — but two! Vanessa Villela and Emma Hernan are new realtors joining this season's cast. 

Since pursuing a career in modeling, 29-year-old model turned-estate-agent Emma Hernan has become a social media sensation with over 960k followers.

Emma has proven that she’s quite the businesswoman — she's the CEO of her own frozen food company called Emma Leigh & Co., has been an angel investor and now works in real estate. Her entrepreneurial spirit and business ethic is likely to come in handy in the cut-throat world of selling multi-million dollar mansions in the Hollywood Hills.

Although taking a glimpse at the Selling Sunset’s cast Instagram feeds, the new recruit looks like she already fits right in with the team — as the Oppenheim girls shared sweet pictures expressing their delight about Emma joining the show. We'll see how long that warm welcome lasts when there's a big commission at stake.

Drama is always just around the corner for the crew at The Oppenheim Group and, in the season 4 Selling Sunset trailer, it seems Emma’s arrival has already caused shockwaves — particularly with fiery Christine Quinn. Could Emma’s arrival potentially change The Oppenheim Group dynamic forever?

How long has Emma worked for The Oppenheim Group?

Emma joined The Oppenheim Group in 2018 and has actually been there during the filming of all 3 seasons of Selling Sunset, but season 4 will be her first appearance on the show. 

She revealed in an interview with Nylon that: “I wasn’t around the office. They were actually shooting and doing all of that, I can do the deals remotely, so at that point I chose to kind of do all my deals somewhere else.”

Emma also explained how she got into real estate from being interested and investing in the stock market: “I got into real estate three years ago when I bought my first property and I bought it with Jason [Oppenheim]. I was always going around looking at real estate with Jason and Brett every weekend and they were like, ‘You have to get your license. You pick up knowledge like a sponge.’

“And I thought, you know what? That makes sense. I’m going to be buying more property myself, whether it be an investment property or property for my family or whatever it may be and that’s how I transitioned into, ‘OK, I’m gonna focus on getting my license,’”

What will Emma bring to the show?

Alongside her extensive business knowledge and expertise, Emma revealed in the interview with Nylon that: “I’m a hard worker, super business-oriented, woman entrepreneur, but I’m also funny.” 

She also said that she’s genuine, whether it’s on or off camera and very close to her co-workers, such as Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause, which explains how she seems to have slotted in perfectly with the team.

How will Emma’s arrival change the dynamics of the show?

In the Selling Sunset season 4 trailer, there already seems to be friction between Emma and Christine Quinn, which seems like it’s going to be a main storyline for the new season.

“I’m here to work and hopefully all this high-school drama that I’ve dealt with for years can stay, like Christine, out of mind,” Emma comments in the trailer. 

Heather Young then went on to hint about what the drama actually is between the two colleagues, saying, “It’s like a sensitive subject. She was with Christine’s ex.” In the next scene, Christine elaborated on the issue further, explaining that, “They were engaged two months after we broke up.”

Although Christine has now moved on to husband Christian Richard, the tension still appears to be strong and it’s clear that the two will clash while working together.

Some bombshell news is dropped in the trailer when Maya Vander questions, “So Emma is basically taking Christine’s desk?” Jason then tells Christine that he hopes she sees it “as a professional decision.” However, as expected, she looks highly unimpressed and appears to walk out of the room.

So, is Emma being lined up as Christine’s replacement?

What can we expect in Selling Sunset season 4? 

“I definitely think season four will be the best season yet. Stay tuned for more."

Emma Hernan

If the juicy teaser wasn’t enough drama, Emma reassured fans of the show, in an interview with E! News, that season 4 will not disappoint.  Make sure you're up to date on all the drama in our Selling Sunset season 3 recap.

Selling Sunset season 4 is now live on Netflix.

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