Just some soothing videos to help with election anxiety

Baby Yoda happy.
Baby Yoda happy. (Image credit: Disney+)

A record number of people in the United States voted early this election. That means that there's a record number of people sitting at him with their anxiety while the rest of America finishes up at the polls (both groups are amazing, thank you for voting). There are actions that you can take today if you need something active to do with your hands, but we're here for only soothing things right now. 

And no, Baby Yoda has nothing to do with any of this. They're just very happy.

Happy Little Candies

Here's the thing: I can't explain to you why watching candy being made is one of the most soothing things in the world, but it is. The taffy-like stage while they're kneading and pulling the mixture is absolutely mesmerizing. The whole process is, really. All the way up to the very end when they chop it all up at what seem's like lightning pace.

Just Keep Swimming

If candy making is a little bit to fast-paced for you right now, BBC Earth has you covered with this ten hour loop of beautiful Oceanscapes and their accompanying sounds. It's really just twenty minutes of footage that gets looped over and over for ten hours, but maybe that's exactly what you're looking for! Besides, if you're looking for ten hours of nothing but ocean footage to watch nonstop right now, you might need a little bit more than a YouTube video for that anxiety.

Let the Rain Fall Down 

Many of us need rain sounds - or some other version of white noise - to fall asleep, but the sounds can be just as helpful when it comes to calming yourself down, or making your mind shut up for long enough for you to finish that work assignment that doesn't wait while the world's in the state that it is. 

Get That Honey

Have you ever watched honey being harvested? Turns out, honeycomb being cut is alarmingly satisfying. Whether you like the sticky, sweet substance or not, there is something inexplicably relaxing of watching knives cut through the honeycomb like it's butter. And don't stress about the bees! Bees are our friends and, like most bugs and animals, aren't going to hurt you unless they feel threatened.

Editors note: The "most animals" statement does not apply to yellow jackets. Yellow jackets are monsters. There are no yellow jackets here. Only nice bees and sticky honeycomb. 


Sometimes you have to take a few minutes to yourself and watch cupcakes being iced. Might sound weird to some, but I highly recommend you take a few minutes and see what I'm talking about. Whether it's an intricate design or just your standard piping, there's something inherently soothing about cupcake icing.  

Look At That Shine

Is mirror glazing in the same category as cupcake icing? Sure. But the two techniques couldn't be more different. As a result, they bring different levels of the sooth-factor and a both perfectly valid ways to get your zen on. Watch them back to back, for ultimate sugar rush calm. And then maybe go get a donut or something because you deserve it. 

Amelia Emberwing

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