Meet the Man Vs Bee cast: who's who in the new Rowan Atkinson comedy

The Man Vs Bee cast and director David Kerr attend Man vs Bee London Premiere on June 19, 2022 in London, England.
Man Vs Bee premieres on Netflix on June 24. (Image credit: Netflix/ Sama Kai)

The Man Vs Bee cast brings Rowan Atkinson's latest slapstick comedy series to life.

Created for Netflix by Rowan Atkinson and Will Davies, Man Vs Bee is a new physical comedy that draws on Atkinson's Mr Bean heritage as a physical comedian.

Man Vs Bee follows Trevor Bingley (Rowan Atkinson), a bumbling father who takes up a new job as a professional housesitter. During his first assignment at a luxury mansion that's full of flash cars and priceless art, he becomes troubled by a pesky bee who just won't seem to leave him alone and enters into an ongoing war that might well have disastrous consequences for the homeowners...

Let's meet the Man Vs Bee cast!

Who's who in the Man Vs Bee cast?

Rowan Atkinson as Trevor Bingley

Rowan Atkinson as Trevor in Man Vs Bee

(Image credit: Netflix)

Rowan Atkinson leads Man Vs Bee as Trevor Bingley, a father who gets a job with House Sitters Deluxe. In the show, Trevor is assigned to look after a luxury mansion, where Trevor becomes embroiled in an ongoing war with a bee whilst staying in a fancy home. 

Atkinson is a British comedy icon. He's best known for bringing Mr. Bean to life in a number of TV series and movies, but he's also played the title roles in Blackadder the Johnny English franchises and appeared in classic comedies like The Thin Blue Line and Not the Nine O'Clock News.

Jing Lusi as Nina

Jing Lusi in Man Vs Bee

(Image credit: Netflix)

Crazy Rich Asians star Jing Lusi plays Nina, the woman who owns the luxurious mansion within which Trevor battles his bee archnemesis. 

Aside from Crazy Rich Asians, Jing Lusi has recently appeared in Gangs of London, Stan Lee's Lucky Man, The Feed and SAS: Red Notice.

Julian Rhind-Tutt as Christian

Julian Rhind-Tutt and Jing Lusi in Man Vs Bee.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Bridget Jones Baby star Julian Rhind-Tutt also features as Nina's husband, Christian, who leaves their luxury home in Trevor's care. 

Julian Rhind-Tutt has featured in a range of shows and movies including The Witcher, Britannia, Silent Witness, Green Wing and Harlots.

India Fowler as Maddy

India Fowler and Claudie Blakley in Man Vs Bee

(Image credit: Netflix)

India Fowler plays Maddy, Trevor and Jess's daughter. 

India has fewer credits to her name than some of the other actors in the cast, but she's best known for playing a young Zoe Walker in White Lines and for playing Ellen Mason in Safe.

Claudie Blakley as Jess

Claudie Blakley at the Man Vs Bee London premiere

(Image credit: Netflix/ Sama Kai)

Claudie Blakley is also due to appear in Man Vs Bee as Jess, Trevor's ex-wife. Jess's biggest wish is for Trevor to get his act together for Maddy.

Claudie's recent credits include roles in Flesh and Blood, Manhunt, Grantchester and Call the Midwife. You might also recognize her from Joe Wright's 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. 

Greg McHugh as Coleman

Greg McHugh at the Man Vs Bee London premiere

(Image credit: Netflix/ Sama Kai)

Scottish actor and writer Greg McHugh plays Nina and Christian's gardener, Coleman.

Fresh Meat fans will definitely recognize Greg as Howard from the hilarious Channel 4 comedy series, but he's also appeared in A Discovery of Witches, The A Word, Bad Education, and he was the creator and stared in the BBC comedy series, Gary: Tank Commander.

Tom Basden as the Police Officer

Tom Basden in Man Vs Bee

(Image credit: Netflix)

Tom Basden rounds out the cast as a local police officer. He receives several nods from Nina's neighbors and alarms and comes knocking to check what's going on.

You might recognize Tom from the Plebs, After Life or from Diane Morgan's off-beat comedy series, Mandy.

Man Vs Bee is available to stream on Netflix from Friday, June 24.

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