Meet the Notre-Dame cast: Who’s who in the French Netflix drama

Two firefighters hug in front of Notre-Dame cathedral in the Netflix series
Notre-Dame follows a group of people who face the tragic Notre Dame Cathedral fire in 2019. (Image credit: Netflix/ Emmanuel Guimmier)

Notre-Dame is a French Netflix drama taking place during the infamous night that Notre Dame Cathedral burned in 2019. The show follows the destiny of men and women who have their own fires to tackle.

While the Paris fire brigade works to stop the flames from spreading inside the cathedral, the miniseries also follows characters being put through the wringer for a chance to start fresh.

As the fire threatens to consume Notre Dame, various characters have to fight, love, hate, or help one another so that in the end they can start rebuilding their lives.

Let’s take a closer look at who the main characters are in the Notre-Dame cast.

Who’s who in the Notre-Dame cast… 

Roschdy Zem as General Ducourt

Roschdy Zem looks down the camera in Notre-Dame

General Ducourt is the man in charge of combating the fire. (Image credit: Netflix/Emmanuel Guimier)

As General Ducourt, Roschdy Zem is in charge of managing the firefighters’ response to the fire that rapidly consumes Notre Dame. Still dealing with the trauma of a personal loss, Ducourt is ready to resign from the fire brigade on the day of the fire, but his commitment to the job and the fate of his men have him resolved to fight one more inferno.

Where else have you seen Roschdy Zem? As a film actor, Roschdy Zem has been seen in The Cold Light of Day, Nothing to Hide and The Innocent. On television, he appeared in War on Beasts and Savages

Caroline Proust as Véronique Varese 

Caroline Proust in her firefighting gear surrounded by flames in Notre Dame

Véronique is ready to tackle the fire no matter what. (Image credit: Netflix/Emmanuel Guimier)

Part of the Paris fire brigade, Varese (Caroline Proust) is an experienced firefighter who is determined to save Notre Dame, no matter what it takes. If it doesn’t come naturally to her to show how she feels, she is very much concerned about what happens to the men and women who fight the fire under her command.

Where else have you seen Caroline Proust? Fans of French TV series will know Caroline Proust for her role in Spiral. She was also featured in Capitain Marleau, Duel au Soleil, and many French TV movies. 

Megan Northam as Alice 

Corentin Fila and Megan Northram fighting the fire together in Notre-Dame

Alice and Antony working together. (Image credit: Netflix/Emmanuel Guimier)

Megan Northam stars in Notre-Dame as Alice, a young yet courageous firefighter who lost the man she loved during a devastating fire. The emergency at the cathedral is the first fire she fights since the tragedy and Alice insists on proving that she can overcome her fear.

Where else have you seen Megan Northam? Megan Northam is a fairly new face in the French TV landscape. Prior to Notre-Dame, she appeared in a few movies including The Passengers of the Night and Girl Feels: Forces of Nature

Simon Abkarian as Max 

Simon Abkarian as Max in Notre Dame

Max is trying to track down his daughter in Paris. (Image credit: Netflix/Emmanuel Guimier)

Simon Abkarian plays Max, a former boxer turned restaurant owner. When he learns that his wife is on her deathbed, Max sets off on a quest across Paris to find their daughter, Victoire, who he hasn’t seen in a year, to take her to see her mother one last time.

Where else have you seen Simon Abkarian? Fans of James Bond might recognize Simon Abkarian from his role in the 2006 film Casino Royale. On television, the French actor has been seen in shows like Pigalle, la nuit and Kaboul Kitchen

Alice Isaaz as Elena 

Alice Isaaz in Notre Dame

Journalist Elena is determined to cover the blaze. (Image credit: Netflix/Emmanuel Guimier)

As Elena, Alice Isaaz plays the part of a journalist who seizes her chance to advance her career and make a big splash on the news by covering the fire of Notre Dame. Once there, she reconnects with a firefighter she used to know who helps her get closer to the cathedral.

Where else have you seen Alice Isaaz? Alice Isaaz appears alongside Isabelle Huppert in Paul Verhoeven’s film Elle in 2016. She was also seen in several French comedies including The Gilded Cage and Smart Ass

Sandor Funtek as Antony Casemari 

Sandor Funtek and Alice Isaaz look into one another's eyes in Notre-Dame

Firefighter Antony and Elena have some personal history. (Image credit: Netflix/Emmanuel Guimier)

Antony is played by Sandor Funtek and is one of the firefighters supervising the fire from the command post. He immediately recognizes Elena, with whom he used to be in a relationship. Still in love with her, he helps her get access to the cathedral without knowing she will use it to slip inside.

Where else have you seen Sandor Funtek? Sandor Funtek had his break-out role in the 2013 film Blue Is the Warmest Color. Since then, he has also been featured in Capitain Marleau, Russian Doll, and the movie Suprêmes

Marie Zabukovec as Victoire 

Victoire (Marie Zabukovec) smoking in Notre-Dame

Will Max manage to find his daughter?  (Image credit: Netflix/Emmanuel Guimier)

Max’s daughter, Victoire, is portrayed by Marie Zabukovec. She cut ties with her family and has instead become addicted to drugs and become a sex worker. On the day of the fire, she saves a young boy from drowning in the Seine, far from expecting the boy might save her in return...

Where else have you seen Marie Zabukovec? Another new face in the cast of Notre-Dame, Marie Zabukovec has done more movies than television shows. French cinema aficionados might recognize her from films such as How to Be a Good Wife and Mascarade

Corentin Fila as Firefighter Taupin 

Corentin Fila in firefighting gear sitting on a pile of rubble for Notre-Dame

Taupin is partnered with Alice to inspect the cathedral. (Image credit: Netflix/Emmanuel Guimier)

Corentin Fila stars in Notre-Dame as a brave firefighter who is not convinced Alice is ready to be back on the field. But when Varese asks him to team up with Alice to check on the cathedral’s wooden frame, he reluctantly obeys orders.

Where else have you seen Corentin Fila? Netflix subscribers may recognize Corentin Fila for starring in another French series on the streaming platform, Mortel. He also appeared in the shows La vie devant elles and Possessions

Who else stars in Notre Dame? 

Other actors are featured in Notre-Dame, including Kassem Al Khoja as Bassem, Frédéric Chau as Steph Noyelle, Ambroise Sabbagh as Lieutenant Bastien, and Victor Belmondo as Ben.

All episodes of the miniseries Notre-Dame are now available on Netflix.  

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