'The Voice Kids' coach Melanie C: 'The show is magical!'

Mel C sings on The Voice Kids
Spice Girl Melanie C joins 'The Voice Kids' coaching panel this Christmas. (Image credit: ITV)

Adding some zig-a-zig-ah to your Christmas, Spice Girl Melanie C joins Danny Jones, Pixie Lott, and will.i.am as a coach for The Voice Kids Christmas special 2021 as the show makes a welcome return to ITV as a Christmas TV highlight. 

The show begins with a special performance from our superstar coaches (where Mel makes quite the entrance!) then it’s into the blind auditions where pint-sized performers aged seven to 14 will sing their hearts out to get those coaches’ big red chairs turning. 

The chosen ones will progress to Tuesday night’s semi-final for a chance of getting to Wednesday’s final, where they’ll be crowned Voice Kids 2021 champion. Here Mel, 47, tells us more… 

What made you want to join 'The Voice Kids'?

"I’m a huge fan of both The Voice UK and The Voice Kids, and I’ve always wanted to get my bum in one of those big, red, spinning chairs. So when this opportunity came up for The Voice Kids, I was so excited because there is something very magical about the young people that we see on this show. So I absolutely jumped at the chance."

Mel C joins The Voice Kids

Mel takes her seat in a red spinning chair next to fellow coaches Danny Jones, Pixie Lott and will.i.am. (Image credit: ITV)

What kind of coach did you hope to be?

“I feel through my career, I’ve been so lucky. I've had a lot of experience in lots of different environments, so I kind of feel a little bit maternal towards younger artists when I see them. The Voice Kids felt like the perfect opportunity to become a bit of a mentor to some young people who have similar aspirations to the ones I had growing up. I wanted to be nurturing. I wanted to be fair, I wanted to be inspiring. And I just wanted to really try and help people find their potential and set them on that road."

What was it like joining an established panel?

“Danny, Pixie, and Will welcomed me with open arms, they were so helpful and so generous because I was the new girl. They talked me the tough bits, they talked me the fun bits and they really held my hand through the process. And they were very, very respectful to me as well. Pixie was a big Spice Girls fan growing up so she was super excited to work with a Spice Girl!”

Emma Willis The Voice Kids

'The Voice Kids' will once again be hosted by Emma Willis. (Image credit: ITV)

Is it competitive on the panel?

“It is competitive, so there were moments, but it was all in good humor. With the kid’s show, it's much lighter, you know, we want to keep a really lovely experience for everybody involved. So even if there's competition it’s definitely friendly competition.”

What’s the most challenging thing about being a coach?

“The toughest thing is not turning around for kids, who are so courageous and so brilliant. There are kids who are really good, who you don’t turn for either because you think they’re more suited to another coach, or you think maybe they wouldn’t be ready. Or simply it’s not to your taste. Of course, the big difference between the adults and the kids is, even if you get no chair turns, the coaches’ chairs still turn around in order to give the performer some really constructive help and offer some reasons as to why maybe this isn't the right time for them. So that was a challenge because you totally want to turn for everyone.”

Mel C hits button on The Voice Kids

Push the button: Mel would LOVE to put everyone through! (Image credit: ITV)

What’s the talent like on Team Mel?

“I was so impressed with the level of talent throughout and I was so happy with how things worked out for me and my team. I had beautiful singers, and so diverse as well, it was amazing. And getting to know the kids as well. You know, their voices are one thing, but their personalities and how they work together. It was such a joyous experience.”

What makes 'The Voice Kids' really Christmassy?

This show is so magical. Every opportunity we had to add sparkle, and Christmasness – is that a word? - we did. We arrive on sleighs and somebody, I won't reveal any names, is Father Christmas. I think it added so much more magic to the proceedings. I just can't wait for the whole world to see the show and to see these incredible kids in action.”

It’s always so impressive how confident these kids are. Can you remember what you were like at that age? 

“I absolutely do. I remember as a kid, I was really ambitious. I don't know if I would have handled the competition as well as these children do. We were really taken aback this season, because the kids just seem so wise and so grounded in so many ways. And we all felt like we were learning from them.”

TV tonight the Spice Girls.

Back in the day: Mel C oozed girl power in The Spice Girls. (Image credit: C4)

What advice would you give your younger self, based on what you know now about the music business?

"I think what's really important is to keep that dream alive, you know, to not let any of the knockbacks set you back. Because everything is a learning process. I think I've probably only got a lot of my insecurities through becoming successful. And I think it's really important to hold on to who you are, before anything begins. Because the essence of you never changes. And sometimes the industry can push you, pull you and drag you into different directions. So I would just say always be strong, remain true to yourself, and keep those people close who know you; your family and your friends. You can have lots of exciting adventures but, really, the people who knew you before are the important people to help keep you grounded.”

It’s 25 years since the Spice Girls. What are your highlights from that time?

“Oh, there are those iconic moments like The Brits and the Union Jack dress, the Olympics, and even looking back more recently to the stadium shows in 2019. That was one of my proudest moments being on stage, I think, because we'd had enough time away, that we could really fully appreciate it. And it was the first time it hit home for all of us girls, the impact that we've had on a generation of young people and how that was continuing. So yeah, there's definitely these little punctuation marks where I think my head goes to immediately. And then I just think back to the beginning and achieving those dreams that we all set out to and the funny times behind the scenes before anybody knew who we were. There’s a book in that answer!"

The Voice Kids coaches Mel C, Pixie Lott, Danny Jones and will.i.am

The Voice Kids coaches Mel C, Pixie Lott, Danny Jones and will.i.am. (Image credit: ITV)

The Voice Kids starts on Monday, Dec. 27, airing each night at 7.30pm until Wednesday on ITV.

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