These were the best moments of the 72nd Emmy Awards

Dan Levy looks on as his father Eugene Levy delivers his part of their acceptance speech at the 72nd Emmys.
Dan Levy looks on as his father Eugene Levy delivers his part of their acceptance speech at the 72nd Emmys. (Image credit: ABC)

For the weirdest year in Emmy's history, the 72nd Emmy Awards put on a surprisingly good show. Bringing in a small ensemble to help support Kimmel was the right call, and though the orchestra was missed, DJ D-Nice was a welcome addition to the evening. 

While we shouldn't be having "The first Black person to ________" moments in 2020, the desire to be inclusive was evident with a record of Black nominees, and several focus clips on POC creators throughout the event.

Given what they were trying to pull off live, approximately everything could have gone wrong during the show. However, its only real struggles were some yikes-worthy Kimmel jokes. WiFi held up, there were minimal sound blips, and a surprising number of fun moments in a time where we could all desperately use some fun. There was even an alpaca, you guys. 

Here are the best moments from the 72nd Emmy Awards.

Because It Hasn't Been Our Day, Our Week, Our Month, or Even Our Year... 

Whether you're a Friends superfan or just a casual watcher, it's hard to deny the spark of joy that came with seeing these three reunited on screen. Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston insisting they've been roommates this whole time is something we wholly choose to believe. 

Lena Waithe: The Right To Tell Our Stories

Take a moment to listen to Lena Waithe break down the importance of storytelling and telling those stories on your own terms. 

Annie Murphy Takes Home A Win

Before she was cast as Alexis Rose in Schitt's Creek, Annie Murphy had just lost her home to a fire and was ready to quit acting completely. Now she has an Emmy for that performance. Listen to her speech! What a darling. 

America Ferrera: This Is What I Sound Like

In one of America's early auditions, she was told to "sound more Latina." Hopefully more casting directors watch this clip and understand how ridiculous they sound. She shares her story of how that moment pushed her. 

Regina King Remains The GOAT

Watching Regina King accept an award is always a gift. Her speeches are always so earnest and full of hope, and her Emmy acceptance speech was no different. Here's to many, many more. 

Schitt's Sweep

Is this the second time we're acknowledging Schitt's Creek? Absolutely. That's what happens when you sweep an entire group of categories and feature one of the most earnest casts in the history of creation. Look at Dan Levy look at his father. Look at the cast jumping up and down. They deserved everything they took home tonight.

Issa Rae: The Pitch

By now you've hopefully seen the genius that is Issa Rae's Insecure. Like most Black women in the industry, that success didn't come easily. Here's the story of her first Hollywood television pitch.  

Zendaya Continues To Set Records And Steal Our Hearts

This ray of concentrated sunshine just became the youngest actress in history to win the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series category. Her message of hope is one we should all take some time to listen to right now. 

Andrij Parekh And 'Succession'

In his speech, Andrij shouts out all the children whose names aren't "easy" to pronounce, and everyone who's made to feel othered by America's current prevailing culture. 

Mark Ruffalo Wants You To Choose Love

Despite some minor audio issues (because everyone around him was screaming their heads off in glee - the most acceptable reason) Ruffalo delivered one of the best speeches of the night. Choose love. Choose to fight together. Choose to keep fighting.

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