What is ex EastEnders star Tony Discipline doing now?

Tony Discipline as Tyler Moon in EastEnders
Tony Discipline as Tyler Moon in EastEnders. (Image credit: BBC)

Former EastEnders star Tony Discipline chose an unusual path after leaving Walford behind in 2013.

It’s quite normal for stars' careers to head many different ways in their life after soap. 

Some head off to seek Hollywood fame, some land a part in another soap or popular drama, or some head to a lifetime of touring the country in Agatha Christie plays with a bit of panto thrown in each Christmas.

However, Tony chose something else — and couldn’t be happier with his hot new role.

Who did Tony Discipline play on EastEnders?

Tony arrived in EastEnders in 2011 as Tyler Moon, cousin to Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) and half-brother to Michael (Steve John Shepherd).

Tyler arrived alongside his other brother Anthony (Matt Lapinskas), and the pair formed rather a double act, being lauded as the Square’s big new hunks in the press.

Their dad, Eddie - played by David Essex – also joined them.

Tyler’s storylines included being involved in a rigged unlicensed boxing match, which saw him suffer a seizure and need a life-saving operation. He later also found himself in hot water over a debt to gangster Derek Branning.

Despite being publicised as a ladykiller, Tyler soon fell hard Whitney, and found himself battling Fatboy for her affections.

He later proposed to Whitney, however the pair split after she kissed Joey Branning. Despite still having feelings for each other, Tyler and Whit decided they were better apart.

Tyler left Walford and headed off to work on a cruise ship with brother Anthony in 2013.

'When it was time to leave the show, I didn't want to go — however, there were no more storylines for Tyler,” he told Inside Soap.

Off-screen, Tony had a relationship with co-star Jaqueline Jossa (Lauren Branning) for some of his time on the show.

What did Tony Discipline do before EastEnders?

Tony was the real deal when he joined EastEnders – when he auditioned he was working at Billingsgate Fish Market, East London.

He was born in Gravesend, Kent, and developed an interest in acting after working for a theatre lighting company while at school. 

So, he did extra work on shows like The Bill and began some drama training before bombarding agents looking for someone to take him on.

One did — and put Tony up for EastEnders, which was his first major TV role.

What did Tony do after EastEnders?

Post-EastEnders Tony headed to Hollywood for several months to try his luck before returning to the UK. Here, he worked as a club promoter, organising club nights as well as starting up a celeb-based social media business.

“It’s been a bit of a journey since EastEnders — I started businesses and closed them down,” he told Inside Soap.

He continued acting, however. He was even reunited with his on screen bother Matt  in 2021 film The Drugs Game and starred in 2020 sci-fi film R.I.A. alongside Luke Goss. He also appeared in Channel 4 docudrama Murder in the Car Park.

What is EastEnders star Tony Discipline doing now?

As well as his other work, Tony has taken up a whole new career — he has retrained and is now a London firefighter!

“You have to put food on the table,” he told the Soap on the Box podcast. “One of my friends was in the service and told me they were recruiting. So, I applied and I got in – I was very fortunate.”

 Tony admits that he loves his new job, revealing that, despite the fact can be dangerous, every day is different. But his soap past does come back to haunt him.

 “There have been a few times where I’ve been called to put out a fire and I’ve been recognised as Tyler,” he told Inside Soap. “One time, a garden shed had caught light and I was running a hose through this guy’s house, he turns around mid-panic and asks, ‘Weren’t you in EastEnders?’ I thought: ‘I’d better do a good job of putting this out!’”


What’s happening with Tony’s personal life?

December 2021 saw Tony introduce his new daughter in a post on Instagram. "Welcome to the world my beautiful daughter,” he wrote, revealing her name as Penelope Charlotte Rose Discipline.

Since, Tony has posted many pictures out and about with his daughter, but has kept tight-lipped on her mum and his relationship situation.

He recently revealed a picture of himself which cutely summed up his new life. Holding little Penelope while wearing his fire service uniform, he posted, “Little cuddle with my bubba before my nightshift.” Aww!

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