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Where was the Netflix series Echoes filmed? Echoes filming locations revealed

Michelle Monaghan on horseback as Gina McCleary in Echoes
Where was Echoes filmed? Let's find out... Michelle Monaghan plays identical twins in the thriller. (Image credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

Echoes is a Netflix thriller series that sees Michelle Monaghan taking center stage to play a pair of identical twins called Leni and Gina McCleary. Secretly, the two have been swapping lives since they were children. 

Now they’re all grown up, the pair share two homes, two husbands, and even a child. They also harbor a secret, and when Leni disappears, the sleepy town of Mount Echo is shaken to the core, and Gina is forced to return to the girls’ rural home, throwing their perfectly planned-out lives are thrown into disarray. 

After Echoes hit Netflix on August 19, the show climbed into the top 10 shows, and with such beautiful scenery on display, it’s not surprising that many viewers want to find out where the show was shot and whether its small-town setting is a real place. 

So, where was Echoes filmed? Is Mount Echo a real place? We’ve got all the answers! 

Where was the Netflix series Echoes filmed?

If you were desperate to learn where the Netflix thriller was shot, you’re in luck, as one of the supporting stars has already spilled the beans on where the show takes place.

Speaking to the Express (opens in new tab), Aliss Willis — who plays Leni’s best friend, Meg — revealed where Echoes was shot. “So, Echoes was filmed in North Carolina, Wilmington, North Carolina, and [we] also shot some scenes in a city called Southport”, she said.

Whilst the bulk of filming took place in North Carolina, it's also been reported that a few key scenes from the show were shot in Hollywood and Paris, France.

Alise Willis as Meg in Echoes stood against a red brick wall

Alise Willis features as Meg. (Image credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

Is Mount Echo a real place?  

As we already mentioned, Mount Echo is where the bulk of Echoes takes place. The fictional town is where Gina and Leni grew up, and where their father, Victor, and their other sister, Claudia, lives. Whilst Gina swapped the sleepy town for Los Angeles, Leni remained behind and lived on a horse farm with her partner, Jack (played by Matt Bomer).

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Mount Echo is a real place, as there is a small town called Mount Echo in the United States, but the show isn’t actually set in this real town. 

That’s because this community is found in Ohio County in northern West Virginia, unlike the Mount Echo in Echoes, which is located in Virginia. 

How many episodes of Echoes are there? Will there be a second season? 

Echoes first season is seven episodes long, with each episode lasting around 40-50 minutes.

As the series was billed as a limited series, it’s unclear whether we’ll be seeing any more from the show anytime soon.

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