Who was Armadillo in The Masked Singer US?

The Masked Singer season 7 Team Good
Who was the Armadillo in The Masked Singer US (Image credit: Fox)

Who was Armadillo in The Masked Singer US?

Rolling into The Good team for The Masked Singer US season 7 was the Armadillo! With his robust golden exterior, it looked like the fellow contestants were going to have some tough competition. 

Then in episode 6, the Armadillo was unmasked. So who was the Armadillo? 

Who was the Armadillo in The Masked Singer US? 

The Armadillo was revealed to be Duane Lee Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter. Jenny McCarthy was the only judge to guest his identity correctly. Before they were ultimately proven to be wrong, other guesses from the panel of judges included Gary Busey, Stone Cold Steve Austin and even Al Pacino. We have to say, we saw the Dog the Bounty Hunter theory on Twitter, but we really thought our guess of Jeremy Renner would prove to be correct.  

Who is the Armadillo in The Masked Singer US? Song picks...

In his first week on The Masked Singer Us, the Armadillo sang  "Secret Agent Man" by Johnny Rivers.

During his second week on the show, the Armadillo stuck with his uptempo song selections and sang "Fought the Law" by The Bobby Fuller Group. 

The Armadillo was a bit more mellow this week singing "Amazing Grace." 

Who is the Armadillo in The Masked singer US? Show clues… 

During the Armadillo’s first clue package on The Masked Singer US, the judges and fans were given a few hints. The first of which, were several rocks the Armadillo made sure to step on. The second clue offered was a “beefcake.” 

The last two hints we noticed were not only the heavy use of sunglasses in the clue package, but also a brief shot of a bow and arrow. 

The mega clue offered during the Armadillo's second week on the show were keys to what he called his "wild hog," or his motorcycle. His dead motorcyle was then brought out on stage. 

In the Armadillo’s last clue package, the first hint he offered up was him in handcuffs behind prison bars. He was sure to mention he “used to be bad.” The second clue was a toy bus with the word “fugitive” written on the side. Lastly, before the video ends viewers caught a glimpse of the Texas state flag. 

Who is Armadillo in 'The Masked Singer' US? Costume clues… 

Armadillo’s are known for having a tough outer shell, so could it be a fighter of some kind who is known for having a hard exterior?

Although a charming and lovable actor, you wouldn’t want to mess with Jackie Chan, the master martial artist and stuntman. Of course Jackie is known for being cheeky and laidback, but could the sheer size of the armored costume be a play on him being martial arts royalty? 

The fact that he is also a comedy actor makes him an ideal celebrity to take part in the outrageous show, as he has starred in many hit comedy movies such as: Rush Hour, The Spy Next Door, Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Yoga.

Friends fans may also see that the costume could be a reference to Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) dressing up as an armadillo to teach his son Ben (Cole Sprouse) about Hanukkah. It has since become one of the highlights of the series and many viewers may be hoping that it is in fact David Schwimmer reprising his role as the “Holiday Armadillo” in a more extravagant version of the costume. 

However, would that be too obvious of a guess for fans? We’re sure that eagle-eyed Friends enthusiasts would be able to spot David a mile away even if he was hidden under a huge armadillo costume.

Who is the Armadillo in The Masked Singer US? Theories… 

There appears not to be an overwhelming popular theory as to the Armadillo’s identity. One name floating around is Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman. 

Another guess to the Armadillo’s identity has been Spider-Man actor Thomas Haden Church.  

We don’t have a strong theory as of yet, but we’re going to guess that the Armadillo is actually Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner. Not only does Renner’s voice remind us of the Armadillo, but that bow and arrow clue stuck with us.  

TV tonight Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton aka Hawkeye

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