Who is Henry in The Last Of Us?

Henry (Lamar Johnson) The Last Of Us poster
Henry's character art from The Last Of Us. (Image credit: HBO)

NOTE: This article contains spoilers for The Last Of Us episode 4.

Who is Henry in The Last Of Us? That's easily one of the biggest questions to take away from the fourth episode of The Last Of Us on HBO Max and Sky TV

His name cropped up frequently in the show as Joel and Ellie (Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey) were evading the survivors who'd taken up residence in Kansas City after ousting the local military forces. For whatever reason, the ruthless band of survivors is rather keen on tracking him down, seemingly by whatever means necessary. 

Here's what we know about Henry from The Last Of Us as of the end of episode four.

Who is Henry in The Last Of Us TV series?

The official description for Henry didn't give much away about what his character gets up to in the show. According to HBO, Henry is the older brother of Sam (Keivonn Woodard), and the pair of them are hiding out in Kansas City, Missouri from a revolutionary movement seeking vengeance.

As we've now seen in the episode, that revolutionary movement in question is the one headed up by Kathleen (Yellowjackets' Melanie Lynskey), a group who've overthrown FEDRA rule and replaced them in a violent revolution. 

Kathleen is deadset on finding out where Henry could be hiding. Whilst on his trail she interrogates (and kills) a doctor in cold blood for info on his whereabouts and organizes a city-wide search of all the nearby abandoned buildings to track him down.  

We also know that he's now crossed paths with Joel and Ellie, as Ellie wakes Joel up to find Sam holding a gun to his head at the end of the episode. 

Why does Kathleen want to find Henry so badly?

Kathleen wants to track down Henry to get revenge on him for what happened to her brother. Whilst interrogating a doctor about Henry's whereabouts, she asks whether he told FEDRA about him, and he flatly denies having fed back any info about Kathleen's brother to the military organization. 

Henry was also serving as an informant, which means he was the one responsible for selling out her brother who was subsequently killed.  

Who plays Henry in The Last Of Us?

Henry is played by Canadian actor, Lamar Johnson. Aside from his role in The Last Of Us, Lamar has also appeared in Your Honor, The Next Step, X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The Hate U Give. 

What happens to Henry in The Last Of Us video game?

Henry and Sam's story is just one of the sad stories that players come across in the original PlayStation game. (opens in new tab) Be warned, this description of the game's plot may well spoil elements of the show. 

In the game, Joel and Ellie come across Henry and Sam in Pittsburgh. They were survivors from Hartford who had entered the city to search for more supplies; there, they were ambushed by "Hunters", a hostile group of survivors known for killing off any outsiders who enter their territory in order to take their supplies.  

Whilst Joel and Ellie were working through the building, Henry attacked Joel (assuming he was a hunter). After a tense stand-off, the duo formed an uneasy alliance to get out of the city. Together, the four of them manage to get outside the city limits, confronting infected and hunters on their way.

In the suburbs, they are attacked by hunters and pinned down by a sniper. They overcome the hostile survivors, though get attacked by infected whilst making their escape from the area. 

The group shares a final night together, but tragedy strikes the following morning. As Ellie goes to wake Sam, he attacks her; he'd gotten injured the previous night, and turned into an infected runner. Joel moves to subdue Sam, but Henry stops him, before intervening and shooting Sam. Distraught, Henry blames what's happened on Joel, before turning the gun on himself.

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