Who is Polar Bear on The Masked Singer US?

Polar Bear on The Masked Singer US
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Polar Bear joins the lineup of contestants for The Masked Singer US season 9, making their first appearance on the show's New York night and going up against fellow newcomer California Rolls and two-time champ Medusa.

Already this season we've seen Gnome, Mustang, Night Owl and Rock Lobster be unmasked. Will Polar Bear be next or will they make it to the next round?

Here is everything we know about Polar Bear to help us piece together just who is the celebrity underneath the mask.

Who is Polar Bear on The Masked Singer US?

The Polar Bear's week 3 show debut was short-lived as he was not selected to go on to next week. It turns out the The Polar Bear was revealed to be hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash. The rapper is most widely known for the classic song "The Message." 

Who is Polar Bear on The Masked Singer US? Songs

Week 1: Polar Bear gave a rousing performance of Blondie's "Rapture." 

Who is Polar Bear on The Masked Singer US? Show clues

Week 3 clues

Celebrity Clue: Polar Bear’s first Masked Singer celebrity clue comes from The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. She makes the revelation that the person behind the mask is in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. 

Voiceover clue: Polar Bear’s clue package in his first week is chalked full of clues. He mentioned that while his NYC neighborhood gets a bad rap, a visual is shown of flowers blooming on every surface in the city. Next viewers are shown a lottery ticket, followed by a punching bag and a message in a bottle. The part about his voiceover that stuck out was that he talked developing an interest in electronics as a kid. 

Who is Polar Bear on The Masked Singer US? Guesses

Week 3 guesses: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Diddy, Flavor Flav and Grandmaster Flash

Who is Polar Bear on The Masked Singer US? Costume clues

It may be 2023, but Polar Bear looks like they'd be just as comfortable back in the '80s with its brightly patterned tracksuit, gold chains, sunglasses and hat pulled to the side. Could that be pointing to someone who hails from the '80s, or just a fun bit of misdirection?

The Masked Singer has given fans a few extra looks at Polar Bear's costume, including a YouTube short video with a 360 look at the costume:

Who is Polar Bear? Watch The Masked Singer US season 9 on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on Fox to find out. 

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