Why did Florence leave 'Death in Paradise'?

Florence Cassell in Death in Paradise
Why did Florence leave 'Death in Paradise'? And will she return? (Image credit: BBC / Red Planet / Denis Guyenon)

DS Florence Cassell has left Death in Paradise during series 11 because she’s in danger after helping bring down a major criminal. She also has personal reasonings for leaving Saint Marie, having previously lost her fiancé.

Florence, played by Josephine Jobert, was last seen in episode four of Death in Paradise season 11, which turned out to be a pivotal episode for the character.

The police officer took on a dangerous uncover mission which saw her pretend to be an au pair as she tried to gain the trust of a major suspected criminal, Miranda Priestley.

Florence final moments in Death in Paradise?

Florence in big danger. (Image credit: BBC)

Miranda is suspected of running a massive criminal operation in the Caribbean.

Florence headed to Jamaica for her undercover mission, but in a twist of fate Miranda had business on Saint Marie, so headed to the island. 

DCI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) and the Commissioner (Don Warrington) both worried about Florence’s safety but she decided to continue with her mission.

This is all against the backdrop of Neville developing romantic feelings towards Florence. Florence told Neville she just wanted to be friends, but Neville still cares deeply for Florence.

Death in Paradise season 11 Florence with Neville

Neville developed strong feelings for Florence. (Image credit: BBC / Red Planet / Denis Guyenon)

When the business associate Miranda came to visit on Saint Marie ends up dead, Neville suspects foul play.

However, the death appears to be a suicide. Florence though tips Neville off that Miranda is lying and makes it clear she thinks Miranda is the murderer.

Florence, at great risk, then starts closely following Miranda. She uncovers damning evidence that Miranda killed her own mother. 

But, Miranda catches her with the evidence and takes her to the middle of nowhere to shoot Florence dead.

Florence though pulls a firearm out at the last moment and shoots Miranda in the arm.

She has saved the day, but it’s clear Saint Marie now holds too many sad memories for Florence.

Why did Florence leave 'Death in Paradise' in season 8?

Florence previously left Saint Marie in season 8 episode six when her fiancé Patrice was shot dead. Florence only narrowly escaped death herself.

This previous brush with death is of course on her mind during Death in Paradise season 11. It appears she took the undercover job both to tackle her past demons and to give herself the perfect excuse to leave Saint Marie.

Will Florence return to 'Death in Paradise'?

Florence with Humphrey in Death in Paradise

Happier times: Florence with previous cop partner Humphrey. (Image credit: BBC)

DS Florence Cassell may return to Death in Paradise. The character is not dead and so could easily come back to Saint Marie. Star Josephine Jobert has left the series and returned before, so why not again? The makers have left the door open for the character’s return. Let's hope we haven't seen the last of Florence...

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