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Exclusive: Holby's Jonny on wedding shock! *SPOILER ALERT*

Holby City fans were left in shock on Tuesday night when nurse Bonnie Wallis was hit by a truck and killed just as she was about to marry fellow nurse Jonny Maconie.

Tragedy struck at the very end of this week's episode of the BBC1 medical drama, which saw Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) seemingly doing everything she could to delay her ex Jonny (Michael Thomson) from tying the knot - even planting a passionate kiss on him!

Late for his own wedding, Jonny ended up having to get a taxi to the registry office where Bonnie, played by Carlyss Peer (pictured), was waiting.

As he asked Bonnie for some money for the cab, she crossed the road without looking and was hit by the vehicle, which killed her instantly.

Devastated, Jonny cradled Bonnie's lifeless body in the road.

"For the entire episode Jonny's caught between this relationship with the past and moving on with his future," said Michael. "Finally, Jonny had someone who could make him happy but then, in true Holby fashion, it's ripped away from him."

Michael described Carlyss's departure as "devastating for me and for Jonny".

He said: "I was incredibly sad because Carlyss and I got on like a house on fire. So as well as being sad for Jonny, I was also sad to be losing a very good friend.

"Carlyss knew coming into Holby what was going to happen to Bonnie but kept it quiet because she didn't want it to affect how anyone dealt with her. It's always sad when someone leaves - but even more so when it's as 'permanent' as this!"

But there's no time for tears as Bonnie's exit marks the start of a whole heap of drama for Jac and Jonny.

Jac has routinely used Emma, her baby daughter with Jonny, to manipulate him into doing what she wants. But in the coming weeks Jonny decides that two can play that game...

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.