Holby star David Ames: 'Dom's dumbfounded to see Lee again!'

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A visit from a familiar face ends in tragedy for Dr Dominic Copeland in Tuesday's Holby City, reveals David Ames…

When Dominic met cancer patient Lee a few months back, there was clearly chemistry between the pair. So much so that, once Lee was discharged from hospital, they began a relationship. Did unlucky-in-love Dom really think he'd found 'the one' this time?

"I think he did, yeah. Dom had feelings he'd never felt before - in many respects it probably felt a lot like first love, which can be very intoxicating and in a short space of time you can become incredibly attached to someone. I think Dom believed it was something that 'could be' and I suppose he got swept up in the excitement of it all."

Things soon turned sour, though, when Lee robbed Dom’s flat, then disappeared. How did Dom feel after that?

"Dom was gutted and also felt ashamed because he’d allowed things to move so quickly without really knowing much about Lee. Also, for Dom to finally let his guard down with someone, be honest about his feelings and put himself out there, it was then really sad when it all just got thrown back in his face."

In this week’s episode, Dom treats patient Alison, who’s admitted with stomach injuries, and he gets a shock when her husband turns up… it’s Lee! How does Dom feel about seeing Lee again?

"Dom’s absolutely dumbfounded! It’s a heady cocktail of anger, over what happened, and confusion, because Dom genuinely had feelings for him. Dom’s livid that Lee has had the gall to come back into his place of work after having robbed him AND be there with his wife, who Dom then finds out is pregnant with their child!"

Lee warns Dom not to say anything to Alison about their fling. How much does Dom want to get back at Lee for what he did?

"For Dom, it’s not just a question of getting revenge for himself – he’s built up a real rapport with Alison and he doesn’t like the idea she’s being screwed over by Lee in the same way he was. But it seems Alison already knows about Lee’s flings with other men, and finishes with him, which makes Lee see red…"

We understand events then take a very dramatic turn…

"Furious with the fact his whole world has crumbed, Lee confronts Dom in the staffroom and blames him for everything. Dom, however, doesn’t hold back in telling Lee that he’s a liar, a fraud and someone who has affairs with men. Out of frustration over not being able to control who he is, Lee attacks Dom!"

Does anyone come to help Dom?

"Yes! Ric overhears what’s going on and tries to intervene, but Lee slams Ric to the floor, then he picks up a knife! Dom grabs Lee’s hand with the knife in and there’s a real tug of war as to where this knife is going to end up. Then, suddenly, both Lee and Dom tumble to the floor. Viewers will realise someone’s been stabbed, but they’ll be left wondering who…"


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