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Holby's Camilla Arfwedson: 'Zosia and Ollie wake up after the explosion and kiss!

(Image credit: BBC)

Zosia and Oliver are thrown together when there's an explosion at Holby City on Tuesday (BBC1), as Camilla Arfwedson reveals…

Dr Zosia March and Dr Oliver Valentine (James Anderson) didn't seem to get on at all at first. What's changed between them?

"Initially, there was competition between Ollie and Zosia, but they know they're both highly skilled surgeons, so they've begun to respect and understand each other and, slowly, they've started to see an attraction there. Zosia's psychiatrist boyfriend Seb Coulter (Hadley Fraser) has noticed Ollie's taking up his woman's time and is definitely onto him…"

In this week's episode, Zosia, Ollie and Elliot (Paul Bradley) have to perform complicated heart bypass surgery. Why is Zosia so keen to be involved in the operation?

"Zosia's so thirsty for learning that being included in an operation that involves quite a revolutionary procedure really excites her. As Zosia jokes with Ollie about surgery being 'better than sex', it's obvious there's sexual chemistry between them. So Zosia's both enthralled by the case and also by the idea of spending as much time with Ollie as possible."

There's trouble at Holby, however, when a man turns up on AAU with a live grenade. Zosia, Ollie and Elliot are in theatre on Darwin when the entire hospital is evacuated. How does Zosia feel when Ollie insists that she leaves the operation?

"She's furious! She feels she's just as competent as the boys and finds it quite sexist and irritating, but then she realises Ollie's just being protective. That's the moment where Ollie really starts to fall for Zosia; it's not just desire, he actually cares for her very deeply."

Zosia soon has a change of heart, though, and runs out of the operating theatre. What happens?

"Zosia hears on the news that it's her father, neurosurgeon Guy Self (John Michie), who's been taken hostage with the bomber on AAU! He's all the family she's got so, when she realises he's in trouble, Zosia runs to try and save him. Ollie chases after her, unaware they're both running into the danger zone…"

As they reach AAU, the bomb explodes. What happens then?

"Zosia and Ollie get caught in the blast and are thrown onto the floor, where they end up covered in dust and rubble. Zosia wakes up to find Ollie lying next to her, not really moving or breathing. Fearing she may have lost him, Zosia panics. She grabs Ollie, just as he wakes up and, in that moment, they kiss!"

Sounds like Zosia's love life is about to get really complicated. Why do you think Zosia and Ollie could be a good match?

"They're drawn to each other because they both come from sad, tragic backgrounds and they're both quite troubled, so they can probably see a bit of themselves in one another. I think they could be really good together – but who knows what will happen…"