Holby's Rob Ostlere – Arthur and Morven go: 'Let's just have the wedding tomorrow!'

Morven and Arthur are all set to tie the knot in next Tuesday's Holby City (BBC1) - but their big day is tinged with sadness when Arthur gets some terrible news, as Rob Ostlere reveals…

Arthur’s got a lot on his plate dealing with his cancer treatment – can he believe he’s getting married so soon?

“Well, it's because of Arthur's illness that he and Morven have made an impulsive decision to get married. So, they’re in Albie’s bar and they go: ‘Let’s just have the wedding tomorrow!’ And then they both wake up the following morning and go: ‘Are we still up for it? Yeah, we’re up for it!’”

Why do you think Arthur and Morven (Ellie Fanyinka) make a great couple?

“Because they’re very similar in lots of ways - they’re both slightly awkward, slightly geeky and slightly odd and, most importantly, they both allow each other to be like that. But they’re also different - Morven’s a bit more fiery and impulsive at times, whereas Arthur tries to work through things more logically.”

So, as the big day dawns, how is Arthur feeling about marrying Morven?

“For Arthur, all of the dreams he thought he might never achieve are falling into place. Arthur and Morven really complement each other – he still can’t believe someone as lovely and amazing as Morven would even want to talk to him!"

Unfortunately, Arthur then gets some terrible news and they decide to call off the wedding. So why does Arthur then change his mind and the wedding’s back on!?

“Suddenly Arthur has a moment of clarity and realises that the one thing he wants more than anything is to be with Morven. This news makes Arthur even more determined to marry her."

So what teasers can you give us about the wedding itself?

“Well, it was always going to be a small wedding. There's Morven's dad, Austin, and just a few of their closest friends from the hospital there and the lovely Holby vicar… and Arthur’s best friend Dom (David Ames) is being very funny and sweet. It was lovely to film – I really enjoyed it."

Can we expect things to get very emotional?

"The wedding is obviously hugely emotional for Arthur and Morven, but it’s about two people just wanting to get married and have an amazing day with all their friends and family. And it’s the best day of Arthur’s life!"

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.


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