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Holby's James and Camilla: 'Ollie's a bit of a Groomzilla!' (VIDEO)

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As Ollie gives Zosia a proper engagement ring in this week's Holby, the groom-to-be starts taking the wedding preparations REALLY seriously. James Anderson and Camilla Arfwedson tell us more...

Every bride-to-be dreams of planning every last detail of her wedding day, but it sounds like things will be rather different when it comes to Ollie and Zosia’s upcoming nuptials in Holby City, according to stars James Anderson and Camilla Arfwedson.

Smitten medic Ollie (James) popped the question to his long-term lover Zosia (Camilla) a few months back – but he only had a ring-shaped sweet to give her to seal the deal.

Holby Ollie Proposes


In this week’s episode of the BBC medical drama, however, Ollie’s finally bought a proper engagement ring for his fiancée, but can’t decide on the most romantic way to present it to her.

Ollie needn’t fear, however, as help is soon at hand in the shape of friend and colleague Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher.

ollie fletch balloons


“Fletch takes Ollie under his wing and there’s a bit of a bromance going on,” revealed James. “Fletch decides that if you want to get engaged, you’ve got to do it properly, so he tells Ollie: ‘You’ve got to do the whole works’. Fletch has this whole spread put together and Ollie just goes: ‘Sorry mate, that’s not for me!’ So [Ollie and Zosia] do it their own way… in the pub!”

And it sounds like as soon as Ollie and Zosia make things official, it’s OLLIE – not Zosia – who goes all out to plan the Holby wedding of the year.

“Ollie’s very excited about the wedding, a little too excited,” revealed Camilla. “Zosia’s a little less excited in that she’s less precise… organised. Ollie’s an admin freak – he’s a bit of a Groomzilla!”

ollie ring


“He is one of those slightly OCD characters,” James added. “He likes things to be right and ‘just so’. It’s a very important day, he’s done it before and it didn’t work out so well [Ollie’s first wife Tara died in 2013 of a brain tumour], so maybe that’s why. He wants it to be the perfect day with the perfect girl.”

So, despite all their ups and downs, are we really going to see Ollie and Zosia walk down the aisle?

“The plan is they’re going to get married and have a huge white wedding,” teased Camilla. “Well, I don’t think Zosia wants a big white wedding, but Ollie does. So who knows?”

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.