Holby's James Anderson on Ollie's showdown with Jac: 'I wasn't hurt in real life!' (VIDEO)

James Anderson plays Dr Oliver Valentine in Holby City

Everyone at Holby City worries about getting on the wrong side of flame-haired surgeon Jac Naylor, but that becomes a reality for Dr Oliver Valentine...

Tensions reach boiling point in next week's Holby City when Dr Oliver Valentine gives fiery consultant Jac Naylor some home truths – and she hits him!

As the episode begins, the team on Darwin are due to perform a revolutionary laparoscopic procedure on a famous tennis star. But when Ollie fails to help Jac (Rosie Marcel) prepare for the op to her high standards, he stands up for himself and she takes him off the case!

James Anderson, who plays Ollie, told What’s on TV: "Ollie's at a point now where he will stand up to [Jac] and he won't be the errant schoolboy any more and will give it his best shot. He gets to face up to her… and gets balled out by Jac in the process!"

As Jac and Ollie continue to clash, Ollie's brutally honest with Jac about how appallingly she's ever treated anyone in her life. But when he criticises her parenting of daughter Emma, Jac punches him!

James admitted he enjoyed filming the scenes, due to screen next Tuesday (July 5).

"It was quite scary doing that because there's a certain amount of danger there and there should be because you have to make it look realistic as much as possible while also being safe," said James.

"It was quite good fun to see how far I could push it to make sure that she would hit me. We had a good time doing it and I wasn't hurt in real life."

Ollie knows he could finish Jac's career if he chose to report her over the incident – but James is not sure he will… yet!

"I think he's now got another piece of ammunition against her," said James. "She's so mean and manipulative and to have ammunition against someone like that is good fun. She needs to get what’s coming to her really."

Watch Ollie and Jac’s showdown on Holby on Tuesday, July 5 at 8pm on BBC1


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